Towards Outstanding

We have reached a significant milestone in our journey to delivering outstanding health care for our patients in Derbyshire and Staffordshire and we look forward to developing these plans for the proposed merger over the coming months in partnership with our governors, staff and the local populations we serve.

Both Trusts are facing a number of challenges relating to staff, sustainability of some clinical services and finances. A closer collaboration would help to retain a vibrant district general hospital in Burton, secure specialist services in Derby for a wider population, and ensure appropriate and relevant use of our community hospitals facilities.

The Outline Business Case, which the Boards of both Trusts have now approved is the product of an intensive programme of work delivered in partnership to set out a vision for how we can bring the best together for patients and staff.

The proposed merger would mean that both Trusts would be able to make some savings through sharing good practice, removing duplication and reorganising and developing certain services. However, this is only part of the story. Our key aims are to improve the quality of the care we offer patients, and to improve the health of our local populations by dealing effectively with the challenges we face on a daily basis.

We have been hugely impressed by the spirit in which teams from both Trusts have worked together to explore how we can deliver better care for the communities we serve and we are now working together to develop the full business case, which will be developed with engagement and input from staff, governors, patients and the public, over the coming months. Your views are very important to us, so please have your say by completing our survey here

This Full Business Case will then be considered by both Trust boards later this year

The story so far

Watch our latest video and find out more about our journey to outstanding care.

Like much of the NHS across the country, both Hospital Trusts are facing a number of challenges relating to finance, staff and increasing demand for our services.

Despite the passion, commitment and hard work of our staff, these challenges cannot be solved in isolation and we want to look for a solution that will improve what we can offer patients locally and enable us to operate on a firmer footing in the years to come.

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