Announcement from the Chairman, John Rivers CBE

As you will be aware, our two Trusts have reached a significant milestone in our journey towards a proposed merger. We are currently developing a Full Business Case (FBC) which will be considered by both our Trust Boards later in the year.

Our aim is to deliver outstanding care to the patients we serve in Derbyshire and Staffordshire and we are fully committed to our key principles of retaining a vibrant general hospital in Burton, securing specialist services in Derby for a wider population, and ensuring appropriate and effective use of our community hospitals in Tamworth, Lichfield and Derby.

As part of the approval process needed to create a new organisation, we are required to identify a prospective board which would be responsible for the running of the newly created organisation if both Trust Boards approve the FBC.

I am pleased to announce that both Burton and Derby Council of Governors’ have approved my appointment as Prospective Chairman of the new organisation.

I am also delighted to announce the appointment of Gavin Boyle as the Prospective Chief Executive of the new organisation. Gavin’s appointment has been made jointly by the Nominations and Remuneration Committees of both Trusts who met together to make this important decision. Their decision has also been approved by both Burton and Derby Councils of Governors.

Helen Scott-South chose not to put herself forward for this role and she has decided, after a lengthy and distinguished NHS career, that she will be retiring when a new organisation comes into being, in the spring of 2018.

I want to thank Helen for her enormous contribution over a 42 year career and for her tireless work as Chief Executive of Burton Hospitals where she will continue as Chief Executive until such a time as a new organisation is created.

I also want to congratulate Gavin on his prospective appointment, which was roundly endorsed by both Trusts. I am confident that he will provide the strong leadership and clear vision which will be needed as we come together in a newly created organisation.

Meanwhile, it is crucial that both our Trusts continue to have strong leadership from Gavin and Helen in the months ahead to maintain our performance and to give stability to both Boards whilst going through the process of identifying other prospective Executive and Non-Executive Directors for the new Board.

Further news of these prospective appointments will be made in the coming weeks.

Thank you.

John Rivers CBE

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